1. Portable LED Solar Lantern, CHL880TV-U

      It is multi-functional, you can enjoying watching TV, listening music, seeing pictures when power cut. Just connect the antenna, or USB/SD card, you can enjoy the things you like.

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    1. Portable LED Solar Lantern, CHL881TV-U

      CHL881TV-U LED solar lantern is portable light fixture composed of a LED light, a solar panel a rechargeable battery, it can be used as both outdoor solar lamps and indoor lamps, designed with AC power input port, DC power input.

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    1. Portable LED Solar Lantern, CHL882TV

      Portable TFT-LCD TV screen with remote control
      Multi-language OSD menu
      Support USB and SD card
      Various mobile phone charging

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    1. Solar Lantern (with TV), CHL889TV

      This solar television comes with a 7" colorful TFT LCD screen which supports multi-format video and audio playing as well as e-book reading and picture viewing.

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    1. Solar LED Camping Lantern, CHL880NT-U

      Charge in direct sunlight or indoor power supply
      Widely used in outdoor, camping and emergency
      Support USB PENDRVIE and TF card

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    1. Solar LED Camping Lantern, CHL882NT

      White LED solar camping light with high-quality 68 LED lights
      Built-in high-capacity battery (4000MAH built-in), long life, continuous use up to 8hours

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    1. Portable TV

      Not only is it a portable LCD TV, it can also be used as a radio receiver or play videos and audios through SD, MMC and TF card input ports.

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    1. Solar Lighting Kit, SLK

      The solar energy equipment employs high performance and precision 12-bit single chip microcomputer (SCM) as master control, achieving storage battery over-charge.

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    1. Solar Fan

      With a built-in battery, the solar rechargeable fan can not only run in the sun during the day, but it can also run at night and cloudy days.

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